Hello 2013..!

Hallo my kitchen blog! How are you ?

Happy NEW YEAR 2013 !!  oopss… today is the same day with 4 years ago when I said Happy New Year. It was 2009. Goshh..time flies yaa…..It’s been couples years neglected *huhuhu…sadly* but now I am coming back  to make a new posts in 2013. During the long OFF, sometime the passer still drop me comments in my older posts. That made me feel good and thinking I should back to maintain this blog.

Now, I want to say : Welcome me! yaaayyy…..^_^

Where have I been huh ? After last post in January 2009, we moved back to Indonesia. Been busy with new life. I got no chance doing what I am used to do. Ohh…miss that old times..:)

September 2012 we moved *again* this time in Singapore. We got a bundle of joy. After years frustrating in trying, finally God gives us a GIFT.  I am expecting now !!;). That’s amazing. Pregnancy changes my life. Being pregnant is a major milestone in woman’s life. GOD is Great letting me to have this experience. Alhamdulillah… ( thank you God ).

Now, I have passed the 1st trimester, free from morning sickness, my body already adjust so well. I feel ok now. So, I think it feels good to be back here :).

It is my photo in 2012 actually, my friend asked me to help her to make a photo of her home-made cookies, she wanted  to promote them. It was near Hari Raya, hoping that  she could selling to her customers.

It was very awkward to start taking picture again, through many trials  I think these one is not too bad for first shoot after 4 years not doing this… what do you think ? A bit girly yaa ? hehehehe..First, I had no idea how this items should be shoot, I tried to combine with my accessories, hmm…think looks okay..;)

Now, I  want to share it here as it is a first post in 2013….^_^





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