Classic blackberry and apple crumble

Duh saya jadi ketagihan sama dessert yang satu ini. Rasanya yang bercampur antara manis, kecut , creamy dan harum cinnamon menciptakan perasaan hangat, nyaman dan gembira. Ceilee….tapi bener kok, harum dan cita rasa cinnamon memberi nuansa tersendiri pada dessert ini. Bikinnya jg gampang, ga ribet..:D.

Resep dari : Sainsbury Mags.


1kg Bramley apples, peeled and cored

40g butter

1pack blackberry

1 tbsp caster sugar if you don’t like your fruit too tart

For the crumble:

110g cold butter,cubed

200g plain flour

75g caster sugar


1. Preheat oven to 190 deg.celcius

2. Cut the apples into large chunks, put them in a pan and toss with the butter and a couple of tablespoon of water over a moderate heat.

3. When apples start to soften, but are still keeping their shape, stir in the blackberry.

4. Tip the fruit into baking dish, sprinkle with the sugar, if using. ( I put a pinch of cinnamon in the fruit as well )

5. Rub the butter into the flour with your fingertips/in a food processor.

6. Stir in the sugar, add a few drops of water and shake the bowl so that a few larger crumbs appear.

7. Tip on top of the fruit letting it sit loosely.

8. Bake for 35 minutes or the crumbs are golden and crisp.

9. By all means put a or two pinch cinnamon in the topping. Serve with thick cream, ice cream ( I choose the ice cream instead:p)

Enjoy your dessert..!


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