1st Sugarcraft
1st Sugarcraft

I felt in love at the first time with sugarcraft works when I enrolled myself to Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft Course last April. I thought I was not an artistic and talented person to make any cake decoration beautifully and creatively. But I’m wrong, this is not need talent but need a lot of practices to make a beautiful sugarcraft arrangement to put on our cake:p. I was quite pleased with my first Sugarcraft on my cake. It was not a perfect one but it gave me a big smile:D

So, I want to share what we need to make a flower arrangement from Sugar (Basic Blossom)

Here we go!!

Equipment needed :

Flower paste ( I chose a white one )

Cell stick/cocktail stick ( small size )
26/28 gauge wires
Florist tape
Petal dusts
Wire cutters
Fine pointed scissors
Cornflour ( in clean gauze or nappy liner )
Edible colour

To make a Basic Blossom :

  1. Cut wires into 4 and a make a small hook at one end.
  2. Take a piece of flower paste the size of a marrow fat pea and work till soft and pliable.
  3. Shape into a cone, insert the pointed end of cocktail stick /cell stick into the blunt of cone.
  4. Gently enlarge the hole, by pushing back and forth with the cocktail stick.
  5. With a sharp pair of scissors cut 4 equal sections into the paste about 1/4 of the way down the cone.
  6. Gently open up the petals with your fingers.
  7. Take each petal in turn and gently squash and pull widening and elongating the petals.
  8. The cocktail stick can be used to broaden the petals ( dip into corn flour if starting to stick ).
  9. Insert cocktail stick into the throat of the flower and gently shape the petals to add some life.
  10. Insert hooked wire which has been dipped into either egg white or gum glue, into the throat of flower, twist and pull down to secure.
  11. Allow to dry slightly before dusting. The can be used as filler flowers/jasmine/forsythia/Daphne.

Colouring :

  1. With edible powder colour, we start colouring the flower with paint brush to spread the edible powder.
  2. Bring to boil vinegar and water, cover the pan with aluminum foil, and make a small hole on it.
  3. Steam the cloured flower to make its colour stay last.
  4. Allow to dry in room temperature.
  5. Flowers ready to arrange.

    bunch of flower

2 thoughts on “Sugarcraft

  1. hai hai By,
    welcome to the club ya 🙂
    cantik loh bunganya… aku mah gak bisa deh 🙂

    btw, silahkan dilink, nanti aku link balik juga
    oya, gak pake shout box?

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